Who are we?

We are The IronDogz, FRC Team No. 2773, Edmond Memorial High School's representatives to the FIRST Robotics Competition. We formed in 2008, with the goal of inspiring students to become future leaders and innovators. Every year since, we've competed against thousands of teams from around the world in robotics. FIRST combines aspects of science, technology, and engineering with the excitement of a competitive sport. The beginning of each year brings us a new challenge, and our team has only a few months to design, manufacture, and test a robot from scratch.

Our members are immersed in the engineering process, and have opportunities to develop a variety of skills including machining, CAD, software development, fundamental electronics, teamwork, and leadership. Through a partnership with the IronDogz, your company can help build a strong foundation for the world’s next generation of pioneers and innovators.

What do we do?

During the months of January and February we design, manufacture, assemble and program a 120 pound robot for competitions in state. We accomplish this through lots of organization and cooperation among our team, including teams that may not construct the robot, but do other important tasks such as, programming the robot, wiring the robot, and designing websites and merchandise. After the robot is completely built and functional in March, the robot is taken to a competition where it must compete in a game in three versus three games.

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Maintaining an FRC team is not an easy task, there are many expenses and a large amount of effort is required to keep things running smoothly, we could not manage to cover everything without the help of the generous organizations and individuals who support us through sponsorship.

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